Fraggle Room Revealed!

With all this talk of the infamous “Fraggle Room” going around Tumblr, I decide to make a confession. Last summer, I went to the McKittrick for my second time. It was the first official night  of Gallow Green’s opening. My cousin and I sat for what seemed like an eternity to get in as there were delays with the special roof top entrance. I finally made it in about an hour after the show started and was extremely thrown off by this.  I wander and wandered, but everywhere I went there were masses of people. I decided to explore the set a bit more. 

In my wanderings, I came to the McDuffs’ children’s room. I decide on a whim to look under the bed and to my surprise there was a Jack-in-the-box. I had the urge to play, so I turned the handle. ” All around the mulberry bush….” ( you know the rest) and then “Pop!” timed to the music the mirror in the room opened. I cautiously went in. Wouldn’t you know behind that mirror wasn’t a duplicate room at all, but another stairwell.

I climb three flights of stairs and found myself in front of a door. I enter into a room that confused me more than any other in the hotel. There, in a quite small room were stacks and stacks of books with tea lights( don’t worry they were flameless). I front of me was a small dresser with bottles, bits of butterfly wings, and a small skull with two red fuzzy pompoms on the side. I broke hotel protocol and decide that since I was very much alone, I would snap a few photos (sorry Superfans, I won’t do it again).  I turned and before I could get off a fifth shot(a cabinet to my right that contained jars of what looked like muppet eyes in a yellowish solution), I heard a noise.

Standing behind me in the doorway was a tall gentleman in an orderly type uniform, I had never seen his picture on the web site. ” What are you doing here?”, he said. “Your not supposed to be up here, if the Lady finds out she will send me away again.”

I went to leave, ” Wait,” he exclaimed,”its lonely here. Ever since the little creatures who live in the wall killed Jasper I’ve been so very lonely.”

He grabbed my arm and said “My name’s Ben. Those little creatures thought they were smart, but I got them in the end” His face had the  look of a small child, victorious in revenge.

Thats when it all click: the “muppet” eyes, the skull with read pompoms, the dog, him. He was Ben from Rebecca crossed with the guy from Fraggle Rock! He would become the old guy in fraggle rock! Genius Punchdrunk, Genius!

He saw the look in my eye: “Get out! You Know too much!” So ended my only time in the Fraggle Room.

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